We're ending our 20's with a storm of wholesome chaotic energy. Our podcast dad SrirachaFlash steps into the Base of YASE to deliver some powerful energies. We've got it all. Haunted houses, Legend of the Dragoon, Abigail resets and wholesome parental advice. Seriously, this was a treat to record and we all had a ton of fun. Maybe you will too (or not!). 


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November 17, 2020

Episode 28: Trash Medal

Hey y'all,


Our little pod is almost 30. Lame-O has been playing Hades (or as Morgan would say Gay-des) and the pod is torn apart over whether previous Supergiant Games are overrated. Vince has been fighting rats in Vermintide. The main subject today is "lore" but it's really just stories from the FGC you think are neat. Turns out Lame-O is the greatest Adon of all time. Who knew? I didn't! Check it out!

It's a special episode y'all. King Hippo aka @KingHippo42 stops by as our first guest! The conversation touches on Hippo's work making the FGC a better place, the e-sports to reactionary pipeline, at least one musical interlude and more. Spoiler warning for Moby Dick. Turns out it isn't a cool story about befriending a whale. Check it out y'all (or don't)!

Hey all, we lied in this episode. There won't be another episode next week because we're all too stressed to record. Looks like there is a major political event on the day we normally record or something. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Irwin. We're doing our best y'all. Please enjoy the vibes radiating from this episode where Lame-O, Morgan and Jarv sit down to share stories close to their hearts; how they got their pets. Lame-O is also getting into FF14 dress-up, Morgan is personally bullied by Yoko Taro and Jarv is trying to escape Hades. Stay safe and please remember that You Are Super Excellent. 

This week, Lame-O, Morgan and Vince focus on how fighting game DLC pricing models have changed over the past few years and Morgan is bummed about it. Could it be that SF4 was the best model? Have we strayed from the true path? Lame-O has also been getting into Minecraft. Vince has been watching Voyager and pitches the upcoming YASEcast: Deep Space 9 retrospective special. Check it out! 

If our episodes were always exactly one hour long, you'd have an entire day or YASEcast to listen to. Lame-o and Morgan go on a journey as TKShadow joins to talk about Spiritfarer. Morgan has been getting in her feelings over gayshit (again) and Lame-O has been getting into racing games. We close it out talking about Bauldr's Gate 3, how we can still hear Baudlr's Gate 2 voice clips and examples of games that were improved by patches and early access feedback. Check it out!

October 6, 2020

Episode23: Infinite Crime

It's the twenty third episode y'all. The gang is back and it yet again going over pains of moving, Lame-O's upcoming onlyfans and what fighting game moves they wish they could do IRL. It's a fun time, check it out!

September 22, 2020

Episode 22: My Own Prison

It's episode two and two! That's cool. The gang (Lame-O, Morgan and Vince) talk a moment to decompress in these trying times. On the docket for the day are experiences adopting stray CRT monitors, reminding ourselves that Creed is a band that existed and things we've been told were good but we could never get into. Check it out!

It's episode twenty plus one of our little pod. What a strange trip it has been. On this episode we determine whether Spawn qualifies as a wife guy before getting into a special segment of talking about things we like. Turns out Master Who likes to watch other people suffer through weird games. Who would have guessed (not me!)??? Check it out!

We made it to episode twenty y'all and we're ready to talk about our favorites Christmas movies. Turns out Jingle All The Way is the correct answer! Beyond that, we talk about avoiding social media brain worms, the cultural event of Blaseball, whether E.Honda is actually doing sumo and games you've played that aren't good games but are definitely good. Check it out!

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