Hey all, it's yet another week of the YASEcast. It's a full house this episode with Morgan, Vince, Jarv, Velius and Lame-o checking in. Foucault debuts on the podcast. Jonathan Haidt also debuts and Morgan has feelings. Lame-o encounters a real life listener of our humble podcast. After check-ins we talk about things we're looking forward to in a time after COVID and the understated grace of skee-ball.

Howdy paisanos. It's the first episode of 2021! We've got Jarv, Velius, Lame-o and Morgan on the pod to kick things off. After checking in, the gang lays out their predictions for 2021 for the pod, for the world and Dominick the Donkey. We also dumped on specific resolutions last episode so we're gonna talk about the specific energies we want to put into the world this year. What are some of your predictions for 2021 or vibes you want to radiate? Let us know! 

December 29, 2020

Episode 32: The YASEies

It's that time of the year (for the first time). We've got a packed house of five today to mark the first annual YASEies. We asked you, our adoring public, for categories and you didn't disappoint. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy five people trying to decide which of Kirby's friends is the cutest. Tempers flare, friendships are broken and alliances are made. Could this be the end of YASEcast?

We've talked about it enough on the pod and wanted to give our listeners a little something special under the tree this year. You didn't ask for it, but here is our watch-along track for the second best thing to happen in 1996 ,Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Come talk a walk with your cool cousins while we discuss class dynamics, things we were way too young to realize watching as kids and unpack what the Jingle All the Way world is going to be like in Kingdom Hearts. It's a different sort of episode so we would love feedback on this kind of thing!

Hee-haw y'all. This Christmas episode is dedicated to the brave paisan fighters of Italy. Lame-O pulls MasterWho and Morgan into the vortex of Dominick the Donkey. Beyond check-ins the gang discusses their favorite Christmas traditions, the struggle to find some good vibes during a difficult time of an already difficult year and Morgan learns what her cool cousins were doing when they went to the store.

It's flirty 30 y'all. We have been doing this podcast for a minute and thank you all for listening. As a reward, we're debuting the YASE ARG. We have hidden clues in the last 29 episodes of this podcast for you to find. Beyond that, spotify dropped our top songs of 2020 so Jarv, Morgan and Lame-O submit their top songs for judgement. Morgan has been struggling a bit. Jarv recounts a nautical adventure. Lame-O has never seen Spice World. It's a journey of an episode and we're glad you're here for it!

We're ending our 20's with a storm of wholesome chaotic energy. Our podcast dad SrirachaFlash steps into the Base of YASE to deliver some powerful energies. We've got it all. Haunted houses, Legend of the Dragoon, Abigail resets and wholesome parental advice. Seriously, this was a treat to record and we all had a ton of fun. Maybe you will too (or not!). 


Check out SrirachaFlash:





November 17, 2020

Episode 28: Trash Medal

Hey y'all,


Our little pod is almost 30. Lame-O has been playing Hades (or as Morgan would say Gay-des) and the pod is torn apart over whether previous Supergiant Games are overrated. Vince has been fighting rats in Vermintide. The main subject today is "lore" but it's really just stories from the FGC you think are neat. Turns out Lame-O is the greatest Adon of all time. Who knew? I didn't! Check it out!

It's a special episode y'all. King Hippo aka @KingHippo42 stops by as our first guest! The conversation touches on Hippo's work making the FGC a better place, the e-sports to reactionary pipeline, at least one musical interlude and more. Spoiler warning for Moby Dick. Turns out it isn't a cool story about befriending a whale. Check it out y'all (or don't)!

Hey all, we lied in this episode. There won't be another episode next week because we're all too stressed to record. Looks like there is a major political event on the day we normally record or something. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Irwin. We're doing our best y'all. Please enjoy the vibes radiating from this episode where Lame-O, Morgan and Jarv sit down to share stories close to their hearts; how they got their pets. Lame-O is also getting into FF14 dress-up, Morgan is personally bullied by Yoko Taro and Jarv is trying to escape Hades. Stay safe and please remember that You Are Super Excellent. 

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