October 13, 2021

Episode 57: Toop‘s Trick

Howdy y'all. It's been a minute. Toops, Eclipse, Jarv and Velius are in the base this week talking mostly about that new game where blood melts. There is a new Melty Blood game in 2021 and it's...very good. Velius has been playing the Atelier series. Eclipse has been playing some rhythm games, Neco Arc is gaming and more!

You ever just think about crabs? Just terrifying but somehow not as terrifying as homeownership. Eclipse, Jarv and Velius are in the base this week. It's been an week y'all. Velius has been playing Melty and the gang discusses some of the buzz around Type Lumina. Who is Vlov? What does he do? Check it out!

It's a spicy episode full of opinions! Eclipse, Velius and MasterWho are in the base talking about Mario, retro games, Cruelty Squad, Harvest Moon and more!


Check it out!

Hey all, it's been a minute. Nick aka Eclipse, Jarv, Morgan and Toops are on the mics spitting about the goings on in the world. From google translate to Jarv's budding bitcoin content to the lamentations of the content driven world we live in, this episode covers a lot of ground. We had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

Jarv, Nick and Velius are casting from the base of YASE this week. On the docket we've got Pokémon Unite monetization, Melty Blood fashion discourse, that Umineko Fighting game that actually rules (see my Rosa) and more! 

Ahoy! It's the 52nd episode of YASEcast. Nick, Morgan and Velius are in the base this week. Velius has been playing Seventh Tekken. Morgan raised a bunch of money for Charity. Nick has been doing the most American things possible. Sam Rami's Spiderman is part of the YASEcanon. Turns out we also all love power washing! Check it out!

Tuesday again? It's time for your (usually) weekly YASEcast. Nick, Jarv, Toops and Vince are in the base this week. The main subject is that Guilty Gear Strive, but before that we're talking about Silver Grapple, Basketball documentaries, octopi and our new program where you, yes *you*, can get exclusive photos of our pets. Check it out! 

We made it to episode 50! If you listened to one episode a day from now on, it would take a long time for you to catch up! 


This week, Nick, Velius and MasterWho are on the mics. Velius has a fancy new computer and has been getting into Dragon's Dogma. Nick has been adventuring into the world of gunpla and pressure washing videos. MasterWho has been playing the Nier mobile game. That's just the first half and there is so much more. Thank you all for hanging out through all these episodes. Stay wavy!

Howdy! Velius, Jarv and Morgan are on the mic this week. We had an episode planned with topics and stuff, but then Jarv checked in about reading Marx's Capital Illustrated and we tossed all our plans out. What followed was a winding journey covering capital, commodification, cryptocurrency, frustration with The Brands™ and Pride events and our shared love of brutalist architecture. We are all trapped in a vicious cycle where we are now all creators, consumers and our time has been commodified, but we still have each other. 

Howdy y'all


We've got a rootin' and/or tootin' good episode to share. MasterWho, Toops, Velius and Morgan are on the pod this round. Toops steps up to become the official Zach Snyder correspondent of the pod and has been reading an actual book. Morgan is getting emotional over Windows XP system noises in Emily is Away. Everyone should congratulate MasterWho for almost graduating college. 


The main topic is the second beta of Guilty Gear Strive and how some of our opinions have changed for the worse. Check it out!

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