It's a stripped down episode this week as Morgan and lame-o take on the role of a dynamic podcasting duo. On the docket for this week are explorations in soviet-era film, old corporate training videos and what is it about our favorite games that has kept us coming back to them. Check it out!

Lucky number thirteen. This is a bit of a weird episode. We didn't feel like we did a great job discussing a more serious subject and collectively decided it was better to say nothing than add nothing and removed that portion of the episode. Sorry for the rough cut but we did get a chance to talk about the Gundam series in advance of the release of the wonderfully titled Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON! Check it out. 

If you went and bought a dozen doughnuts, you'd have just as many as you have episodes of the YASEcast. The gang has been busy this week and everyone bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. It can overwhelming to suddenly have so many games to play so we go through some of our favorite picks for you to check out and have a chat about how many of these projects could only come from an indie development space. Check it out! 

We're back from a week off. Lame-o did some soul searching and found our he wants to play Marvel vs. Capcom. Turns out team games have been a thing for us and we're excited to talk about them in addition to usual stuff. Check it out!

It's a smaller couch this week, but we're heading full speed into double digits. This time around we focus on movies based on video games, good and bad examples of multi-media franchises, whether The Spirits Within even counts and more! Turns out the Super Mario movie is really hecked up! Check it out! 

It's another full house and the gang goes on a journey through netcode issues, EVO online, whether the Mortal Kombat movie is bad-good or just good-good and more! There were some audio issues so please pardon any rough cuts. I just work here! Check it out!

It's episode eight and, personally, I think that's great. The gang gets together once again to decompress a bit before diving into a discussion about how our lives have been touched by skate culture and specifically the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. There can only be one Bob Burnquist. Check it out. 

It's been seven episodes. If you listened to one episode a day, you'd be done exactly in time for the next one. The gang gets together to talk about representation in media, wifi warriors, a fighting game where every character is Will Smith and more! Check it out.

The base of YASE is packed with a five-part panel this week to talk about Final Fantasy 14, ongoing quarantine blues and the importance of self-compassion in these difficult times. Check it out.  

It's the fifth episode y'all. We were gonna talk about sad things, but it was Lame-O's birthday so instead we decided to swap stories in order to produce send some wavy vibes out into the universe. 

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