Howdy! Velius, Jarv and Morgan are on the mic this week. We had an episode planned with topics and stuff, but then Jarv checked in about reading Marx's Capital Illustrated and we tossed all our plans out. What followed was a winding journey covering capital, commodification, cryptocurrency, frustration with The Brands™ and Pride events and our shared love of brutalist architecture. We are all trapped in a vicious cycle where we are now all creators, consumers and our time has been commodified, but we still have each other. 

Howdy y'all


We've got a rootin' and/or tootin' good episode to share. MasterWho, Toops, Velius and Morgan are on the pod this round. Toops steps up to become the official Zach Snyder correspondent of the pod and has been reading an actual book. Morgan is getting emotional over Windows XP system noises in Emily is Away. Everyone should congratulate MasterWho for almost graduating college. 


The main topic is the second beta of Guilty Gear Strive and how some of our opinions have changed for the worse. Check it out!

Howdy y'all. It's finally time for the Home Improvement themed episode. A conversation about Galaxy Quest (maybe the best movie ever made) spirals into a discussion of other movies that have aged well or not well at all, the career of Tim Allen and Jarv gives us a talk about the realities of actual home improvement. Along the way we also discuss how picking top tiers is actually self-care. By Grabthar's Hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged.


CW: This episode has discussions of transphobia and suicide.

Nick, Jarv and Morgan are on the mics for this round. It's also the second annual Nick birthday buddy bash! The gang looks back to how things have changed for the pod, for us and for the world in the year between buddy bash podcasts. Nick has bought an xbox. Morgan had one beer before recording and talks about the wave of anti-trans legislation targeting children all over the country and her frustration with people on the fence. Jarv has been listening to the very excellent podcast Blowback and getting into FF7 remake. It's maybe heavier than usual, but sometimes it do be like that.

Howdy ya'll. Jarv, Toops and Morgan and on the mics for this one. Jarv has been playing the Street Fighter board game and it's pretty good! Morgan has been trying to get vaccinated and isn't sure if she's ready to trust It Takes Two after a fateful night of playing A Way Out. Toops has been getting hatemail in Skullgirls and has some insights into good and bad complexity in fighting games. 

Sorry for some roughness with Morgan's audio on this recording. Podcasting is a blowup and she feels very bad. 



Howdy! It's an episode I've been chomping at the bit to get out the door.


Not to put the cart before the horse, Jarv, Nick, Morgan and TKShadow got together to talk about what has been going on in their respective worlds. Morgan accidently spoils Nick on the Uma Musume anime. Nick has been playing Xenoblade Chronicles and is trapped in Reyn Time. The meat of the discussion focuses on Monster Hunter: Rise. Specifically, we have two veterans of the series, a new player and someone who has tried and failed to get into the series on the mics. Is this a good game for entering the series? We've also got thoughts about what makes a good onboarding experience in information dense games. 


Remember: Eclipse first, the rest nowhere. 

Toops, Rhett and Jarv are on the mics this week. Toops watched the Snyder Cut and it's pretty good. Everyone has opinions about horse girls. Monster Hunter Rise was on the horizon and Rhett talks about his history with the series and the gang gets into other games that have helped bring them closer together with friends. They close out talking about theories of growth in fighting games and how to get better. 


Stay wavy y'all

Morning y'all. Episode 42 is in the past for us, but hopefully part of your present. Toops joins Nick and Morgan once again. Nick has been listening to a new podcast that has him rethinking the Clone Wars saga. Morgan played through Little Nightmares and has *thoughts*. Toops and the gang debate the ethics of recommending games you haven't beaten.  


Check it out! 

March 16, 2021

Episode 41:The NFT Field

We've serving some premium vibes and a departure from the normal format. Nick, Jarv, Toops and Velius get together to hangout and talk about what's on their mind whether it be Persona 5 Strikers, NFTs, trying to get into Evangelion in 2021, Jackie Chan movies and more. It's been a time™ and sometimes you just want to sit down with some friends and hang.  

Note to listeners: Velius had some issues with audacity toward the middle of the episode and it gets a little rough.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch Idolmaster episode 13 with some friends? Now, you too can have that experience with our watch along track! Experience the thrills and chills as the girls do their best to stall the show long enough for Ryuuguu Komachi to arrive through a typhoon. 

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