If our episodes were always exactly one hour long, you'd have an entire day or YASEcast to listen to. Lame-o and Morgan go on a journey as TKShadow joins to talk about Spiritfarer. Morgan has been getting in her feelings over gayshit (again) and Lame-O has been getting into racing games. We close it out talking about Bauldr's Gate 3, how we can still hear Baudlr's Gate 2 voice clips and examples of games that were improved by patches and early access feedback. Check it out!

October 6, 2020

Episode23: Infinite Crime

It's the twenty third episode y'all. The gang is back and it yet again going over pains of moving, Lame-O's upcoming onlyfans and what fighting game moves they wish they could do IRL. It's a fun time, check it out!

September 22, 2020

Episode 22: My Own Prison

It's episode two and two! That's cool. The gang (Lame-O, Morgan and Vince) talk a moment to decompress in these trying times. On the docket for the day are experiences adopting stray CRT monitors, reminding ourselves that Creed is a band that existed and things we've been told were good but we could never get into. Check it out!

It's episode twenty plus one of our little pod. What a strange trip it has been. On this episode we determine whether Spawn qualifies as a wife guy before getting into a special segment of talking about things we like. Turns out Master Who likes to watch other people suffer through weird games. Who would have guessed (not me!)??? Check it out!

We made it to episode twenty y'all and we're ready to talk about our favorites Christmas movies. Turns out Jingle All The Way is the correct answer! Beyond that, we talk about avoiding social media brain worms, the cultural event of Blaseball, whether E.Honda is actually doing sumo and games you've played that aren't good games but are definitely good. Check it out!

We're verging into double digits times 2 episodes. After checking in, Lame-O, Morgan and MasterWho dig into their personal histories with stories about firsts. First fightsticks, first rivals and the first time you thought "yo, I am nice" are on the docket for today. Check it out!

The base of YASE has once again gathered to discuss important matters. On the docket for this week, who forms the feet of the YASE Voltron, the trials and tribulations of building a home gym and the gang gets together to talk about Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost On! Some resources for learning Gundam and provided below. Check it out!




It's a triple threat episode y'all. The trinamic trio of Lame-o, MasterWho and TKShadow get together to discuss the serious matter of what a hypothetical YASE-brand food truck would look like and serve. MasterWho digs deep to share his own personal history with velveeta. Afterward, the gang talks about some of their favorite RPGs and what makes them special. Check it out!

We're back from outer space with a sixteenth episode for you to listen to with your face. 


The gang goes on a journey touching on the struggles of maintaining work-life balance when your home and office and the same thing, hunting monsters and what it means to say goodbye when Destiny content is cycled out. 


The main focus for today though is redemption. What makes redemption stories work and why do we love them. We focus on one test case in particular, The Insane Clown Posse. Check it out!

Back at it again with the pod. It's the fifteenth strike and the gang checks in before going through some examples of times they decided to spice things up and make up their own rules to games. Check it out! 

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